Greenland ice velocity from Sentinel-1


 RADARSAT-1 Mosaic of Antarctica, 1997


My interests go out to remote sensing and field studies of glaciers and ice sheets. My research focuses in particular on the polar regions. I am involved in several international research projects focused on monitoring changes in the cryosphere and their relation to climate.

Currently I work at ENVEO [Environmental Earth Observation], an Innsbruck, Austria, based science and engineering company specialised in development and applications of satellite based Earth Observation for climate monitoring and cryosphere studies. I am a research scientist in several projects focused on determining changes in Arctic and Antarctic ice masses, among others the EU & ESA funded projects:

A recent BBC article highlights some of the work we do at ENVEO. Read more.....

My dissertation research - completed in 2006 at The Ohio State University and the Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center- focused on retrieval and analysis of ice flow velocity data using RADARSAT-1 imagery of Antarctica. More specifically, I used this data to investigate spatial and temporal variations in flow controlling factors, ice-marginal changes, mass balance and calving rates of major outlet glaciers through force-budget theory and various models. A PDF of my dissertation can be downloaded here (19 Mb). Read more.....