Greenland ice velocity from Sentinel-1


 Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf surface elevation from CryoSat-2 swath mode processing and calving front in 2018


Brunt Ice Shelf Crack Monitoring


My interests go out to remote sensing and field studies of glaciers and ice sheets. My research focuses in particular on the polar regions. I am involved in several international research projects focused on monitoring changes in the cryosphere and their relation to climate.

I am a senior research scientist at ENVEO, a science and engineering company - based in Innsbruck, Austria - specialised in development and applications of satellite based Earth Observation for climate monitoring and cryosphere studies. I work in projects focused on determining changes in Arctic and Antarctic ice masses. Below follows a list of projects I am/was involved in:

A recent BBC article highlights some of the work we do at ENVEO. Read more.....

My dissertation research - completed in 2006 at The Ohio State University and the Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center- focused on retrieval and analysis of ice flow velocity data using RADARSAT-1 imagery of Antarctica. More specifically, I used this data to investigate spatial and temporal variations in flow controlling factors, ice-marginal changes, mass balance and calving rates of major outlet glaciers through force-budget theory and various models. A PDF of my dissertation can be downloaded here (19 Mb). Read more.....